week 1*horticulture

  • 16.02.09was my first introduction 2 the cromwell polytech and the beginning of my first year as a horticulture student.I met many teachers and students,everyone seems very friendly,i am feeling eager to learn and ready for the year ahead of me:)

17.02.09today wk took us through awareness for health and safety in the work place and in our learning environment,he was very thorough,i learnt allot

18.02.09  we kicked today off by going to our bannockburn orchard and had a bit off an introduction to the place,its great wot theyve gt goin onout there,cant wait to do some hands on learning .as we arrived there was a big hungi feast being layed down for lunch,some people from the duneidun campus also came down to share some knowledge/stories and join the feast.my class went back to the tec to gt stuck into our specimen collection project,we had a chat about some plants and perpuses etc..then jo took us for a wander around to look at some plants,leaves and flowers for our specimen project.after that we went back to the hungi,witch followd with a mean sticky date pudding,then went home with full bellys

20.02.09 today we had tec at bannockbure,we learnt a hole lot about tracters safty and how they work,cant wait to drive one on friday!



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