25.02.09 today was spent with Alex H learning about weather-how to interpret maps and forecast weather conditions.  We were shown a video called “Hows the weather Jim” which was key to understanding graphs, forecasts and the processes people go through to give us (the viewers) a accurate forecast. We learnt all about fronts, wind speed and direction, high and low areas of pressure etc. The temperature was 22 degrees.

26.02.09-todaywe had weather with Alex.ive never looked into weather passed finding out if its goin to be sunny,rainy or snowy.our class learnt how to read weather and prodict forcasts.This was done by ditermining wind direction,fronts,highs,low etc..Cromwells weather is quite hard to prodict,This is mainly because wind chanels through the hills causing wind to speed up changing weather,also if there is fog in cromwell quite often it doesnt frost,this happends when warmer air is held under a blanket of low fog.This fog wont clear unless a brease comes and pushes it away.I learnt alot about weather,this new knoledge will be helpful in lots of ways,but still have a whole lot to learn!

27.03.09-our class spent today at bannockburn rd learning how to safetly operate tractors and how different tractors are different to operate.I had a very productive day driveing four tractors for the first time.I drove a 410 John Deeve,Massy 35 an 2 other tractors


One response to “week*3

  1. A great start Cindy, well done on your blogging.
    Keep up your entries.
    Ben is organising his on a Week by week basis- Week 1, Week 2, Week 3 etc.You might like to try that also.
    Remember to include weather details

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