04.03.09  Thismorning our class went round the campus/cromwell collecting some clippings of plants for our specimen collection assignment,we then pressed and labled the plants.Then the marketing representative for Otago polytecnic got our class to go round Cromwell with her and the photographer to get some student looking photos for Otago polytecnic brochures,was pretty chilled but funny,will be interesting to see the photos:)

05.03.09  Jo got us stuck into making up a square metre of potting mix,which consisted of

  •  2 parts peat
  • 2 parts bark
  • 1 part sand
  • 5kg Osmocote(8-9 month)
  • 3.5kg Dolomite lime
  • 1.5 kg Hydroflow
  • 200g CAN (27%n)

we then collected some clippings to plant in the propagation unit,we used trays filled with a mix consisting of 50% potting mix,505 sand.All our cuttings were cut in similar size,cut above and below the nodes,using a dipper we made holes to place the cuttings in,To increase growth of the cuttings we dipped the bottom in seradix num 2 rooting hormone,placed in soil,put on mist and heat bed in propogation unit.In the afternoon we took some plants and tools over to the preschool to do some landscaping on there dirt mounds,it was really enjoyable because my son goes to pre-school there,he and i had a great time planting tussocks and shrubs,everyone pitched in,was a good looking result!

06.03.09  Jo took us through some slides,we learnt a whole lot about the hydroplonic system eg..measurements of PH-which should be sitting on 13,can swing slightly over or under,also about tank A&B which holds all the nutrients that a plant needs to grow,this is realised into the gullies.Learnt how to propergate seeds-veges/herbs,to do this we used a mix of pumus/vimcculite in sml pots,placed them in hydroplonics shed gullies.cant wait till they grow:)I measured water flow down the gullies witch should measure 1 half litres per min,this is to insure the plants get enough water and nutrients


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