18.03.09  its 11.30 now and its still overcast, looks like theres rain to come.just catching up on my blog,just downloaded a photo its still quite new to me,thisarvo will get stuck into specimen collection and collect the Ginko plant.


19.03.09  Its Farley sunny today with a small breeze,looks like later on some rain could fall.we kicked off the day by heading upto Bendigo to gather seeds.Alex and Jo drove our class rite up to the old Bendigo mine shaft which we through some rocks down taking a few seconds to hit the bottom,would not be fun to fall down!was also some old miners huts.around that trip we collected Gum seeds,Kanuka seeds etc.. to take back to tek to prepare them for sewing.some seeds eg Kanuka seeds need to be heated to extract the seed,berry type ones need squishing,soaking in bucket of water makes seeds drop an pulp rise.many seeds just fall out with a good shake on a branch.A big facter when collecting seeds to grow,is to collect them from or to make sure they can grow well in the area they’re getting planted


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