24.03.09we studied frost with Alex today,Learnt how frost affects new zealands hort industries,and most important Central Otago,climate plays a huge deal on having a good crop production and there’s a wide range of frost protections that could be used,Will be interesting to go check out some crop sites tomorrow and see what protection growers have used and listen to Alex and find out the reasons for it.

25.03.09 yay field trip,we all packed in the mini van,we checked out Alexs new property,it was beautiful views and was a great place to look over cromwell and check out orchards and vineyards and what frost protection methods they use,most property’s have downfalls and up-fall for they chosen locations .stone fruit grapes and some seed fruit are best grown round here,this is due to GGD’s,sun,soil,climate and having the rite frost protection measures could save your yearly crop!We also checked out a cherry orchard,netting system and a couple of diseases that can strike.Ten headed off to Stewart town,went for a wee wonder,came across some old mining sights which is always interesting!so yea had a great day and learn allot about frost and stuff which is vary important in this industry



26.03.09 Our class & Trev tidied up the hydroponics seedlings,by thining them out and making sure the plants were grouped,all the veges & herbs are growing alot faster than I thought!especally the bokchoy,masculine and rocket has rocketed in growth!will be a treat to have warm climate veges in the winter months.Spent the arvo cutting down the peoniegarden& other bits & bobs.Was a nice sunny day to be outside*

27.03.09 Friday we had a big get together with everyone from the tec.They picked grapes for the morning,had a beautiful BBQ lunch,then attemped having a game of cricked NZ vs INDIA ,the indian boys kicked it off with there national anthem,we just busted out with a very rusty haka!was a great atomasphere out there!Even though I dont know a thing about cricket I managed to catch & bowl two guys out,wasnt the sunniest of days was a tad windy,but  was definitely tons of  fun and very social:)


One response to “week*6

  1. Hi Cindy…a great start to your blog. You need to catch up on tutorial day on Wed 8th April.
    Keep it up!!!

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