27.04.09 wow already term two ae!Today we caught  up on some unfinished assignments and had a progress meeting with jo to see were were at an stuff

28.04.09 wayne had us for pest and diseases,learnt alot about the subject and a bit about the oldfachiond way of doin things and how the ways of fighting pests and disease have changed

29.04.09 glued al my specimen collection plants onto paper,most of them pressed very well,so stoked with that and only have three more to go!

30.04.09 propagation-we had a look in the hothouse and all the veges have grown so much,im really sisprised how much weight in veges the treasles can hold,will be nice to have some hot climate veges in winter to,yum.over the holidays my rosemary cuttings were moved into we pots,as they’ve grown heaps.before the holidays i planted some passionfruit flower cuttings in GH1 and there growing roots,Ben and i went up the road and collected Arbutus unedo friut,to get the seeds out i just squished them in a sive with water ,then put them on newspaper to dry,also the Eucalyptus seedlings had sprung so we put them in olive pots with potting mix,gret for firewood and wind belts

01.05.09 Today we  were  at Bannockburn road with Trev and Wayne,It was a frosty but sunny day so we started of by heating up in the classroom and discussing diseases on grapevines,the main one we learnt about was leaf roll viris,with was affecting 4 rows of grapevines at the teck,this happends when u get vines for grafting elsewere that are carying the viris,so be sure if  your going to do grafting make sure the plants are clear of virises,pests & disease!otherwise you could endup wasting alot of time & money,also somthing could spread onto other plants/vines.Trev and wayne pointed out the viris to us witch was very easy to indicate on the leaves,leaves are red but have yellow veins,this viris downgrades the grape quality,sadly theres no cure,so we had to pull out all four affected grape rows


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