4.05.09 learnt about shelter protection,then we got split into 5 groups,so Sunny,Sojo and i then made posters,our one was on salix spp.(willow) trees,there upfalls & downfalls,facts about the willow and its uses.eg:there good for windbreakers because there bushy,big and cheap-can grow upto 25,35 ft,so need to plant in big spaces

5.05.09 pests and disease,did some classroom stuff till lunch.then after we went on a fieldtrip to search for some pests and diseases,Our first stop was the Bannockburn block,on a apple leaf i found some eggs of a Codling moth-which if it strikes your orchard can be rel bad news!also we found lots of other eggs,mites and we also found old moldy looking fruit which contained botrytis.we also had a look at jacksons orchard,they have quite a big case of powdery mildew on there trees,they only sell fruit locally so its not such a big deal,doesnt affect the fruit so much,overseas would not buy stock containing this though,from this trip i descovered that you realy do need to check your crops once weekly to keep onto of pests and diseases

6.05.09 yay finished and handed in my botany & ATV assignment! 🙂

7.05.09 The hydro hothouse was way overgrown so we gave all the plants a good thining of stalks /roots,this was mainly so water doesnt dam up and block water carrying the plant food.We all got to take veges & herbs home,you appriciate veges a lot more when you’ve grown them yourself & watched them grow(very rewarding)The bazil plants are starting to loose there health,they like hot and sunny climates,so i picked  loads of bazil=)Then unfortunitly my day got cut short because tane got sick

8.05.09 tane was still sick=(


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