11.5.mon-well the winter feel is definatly in the air,thismorning i left from queenstown and there was some snow on the way,Bbrrrrrrrr,its going to be a great season  for snowboarding i reackon!so today we had shelter with Jo for the second time,learnt about different heights of shelters and the distances they’ll shelter from wind.good techniques for staking trees when planting shelters(best to take stakes out after 2 yrs of growth in cromwell,by then tree is supporting itself,if left tree could get strangled),how to plant roots the correct wayeg so roots grow out and support tree.fencing techniques.After lunch we set off to Earnsclue,(which is located over the bridge from clyde)to drive round the orchards & farms looking at different types of shelter used in the area,most common trees used was gumtree,willow,populars and pines,these trees are cheap to buy and grow very big!making alot of shelter,also saw some good examples of dbl windbreaks(2 rows of trees)nice to get out and about!

13.5wed- today caught up on a bit of everything.collected some liquidamber,luckily because most the leaves had fallen!




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