tues-pest and disease

thurs-today was a bit chilly but soon warmed up coz we went out to pakburn for a working fieldtrip,replacing some trees from a shelter-belt that lastyears students planted.we also cleared a square metre of weeds around all the trees ,because weeds take alot of nutrients and moisture out of the ground reducing the trees growth,once we did this we then covered weeded area with mulch,its very important to leave a couple of inches around the trunk without,this is to prevent pests and diseases living around the trunk,also bark rott!everyone pitched in,we got alot done!

fri-wayne took us through some slides for budding and grafting,after lunch we set out to gather some apple bud shoots to have a practise at grafting,was a bit trickier than i thought,the num 1 thing is to match up the cambium layer.We also learnt alot about rootstocks,and the importance of matching it up with your propertys soils,keeping in mind that a vineyards soils may vary.


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