mon-today we are meant to hand in our specimen collection,Hmmm.we also had a specimen id test using the latin names,i found it quite hard.

tues-pest and disease,we also had an ID test,on pests and diseases ,fingers crossed i passed (;

wed-today stayed home with tane and got most off my pest & disease assignment done

thurs-our class started of  by potting up some seedlings that we grew,mine were phormium cookianum(flax).we also got to have a go at triming the big hedge behind the potting shed with the  petrol hedge trimmer,it got quite heavy after a while im glad i didnt have to cut the whole hedge!was great fun ,and a real laugh,was pretty much a first for all of us!

fri-had pruning at bannock block with trev and wayneking,pruned up the rasberry bushes and apricot trees,id never pruned fruit trees before so was a good thing to get some knowledge on!unfortunatley the trees had alot of bacterial blast but we did the best we could,will be nice to see them blooming in spring,and understand pruning a bit more by seeing the end product

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