mon-absent due to tane

tues-Organic certification,covered rules & regulations & ways of the certifiers certenz,Demeter,Bio-gro,for instance Deneter uses biodynamic methods,they have very different methods & beliefs which many people find strange,Waynes viewed many of the orchards & said there all very healthy orchards which produce amazing fruits,so its al in the evidence ae!

wed-today in propagation we potted up deciduous hardwood cuttings such as:  Ribes`magnus’    blackcurrant-               fig `Lesa’ –  Parthenocissus quinquefolia & semi hardwoods-Heliohebe hulkeana-                                                                       Hebe cupressoiae`nana’    

 in the arvo we used a flat grey 20ml  stonechip mulch to  cover around the plants in  some of the native gardens at tek here(crushal to claer around the stems/trunks to allow watering and avoid p&d.This mulch comes from Gibston  quary ,Near Wanaka theres another quary the has a more browny stonechip,located @ the crawford hills quary,These chips are very heavy to work with & also very expensive  but the pros defently weigh it up as it generly doesnt host pests &diseases,birds cant move it round when their looking for worms as its to heavy,weather wont move it,and it looks great!

fri-In morning we went through some slides,also covered some rose pruneing on them,Pruned peach trees,getting quicker & better at it the more we do it,was very very frosty & foggy in morning but cleared to be a nice day.

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