Term 4

week 1

mon-had our first lession on soils with Roger,The nuitrients and liquids that are held in soils are what plants eat,so is obvisally has to be a big part of our knowledge in this field!learnt alot about what nutrients comes from where eg:rocks hold lots of minerals inside them!learnt about soil layers and ages,went on fieldtrip!

tues-weeds with Roger,a weed is a plant that it is were its not wanted!learnt some interesting facts like some plants are nitrogen fixing

wed-caught up on a bit off study,had progress revue-& Alex reconds im pretty much upto date!so goodgood-for lunch we had a beautiful bbq to welcome all the new students

thurs-grape prunning at the block with a very knowledgable man called Uuen somthing,& learnt pretty much how to prune grapevines perfectly

fri-absent due to flu


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