mon-had dentist in morning!ouch!to my mouth & the bank!~

then headed down to the block & learnt how to prune grape vines back leaving two sprigs which you twist round the wire for next years growth,best to choose sprigs that are either side of the vine base thet are closest to wires twisting vines round wires provents wind damage

tues-Organic certification         organically you have to be very careful about what you put on organic crops,best to check with certifiers before u add any substance or something your not sure about to your crop,as if you put something thats not completely natural on you mite have to start your certification from scratch & it takes 3 years to get certified again,also things are getting banned all the time,so you dont get caught out you can check up on websites such as summerfruit nz or nz foodsafty websites

wed-missed out on fieldtrip to qt so worked on my p&d assignment all day

thurs-in propergation today we broke off lilly bolblets & put them in vermiculite to develop into bulbs,also planted last years students bulbs into gardens around the polytec,they should produce flowers around x-mas.jo had planted some Galtonia candicans from seed so we potted them up in 10cm pots

fri-prunning a

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